Performance improvement within service contracts

FM, Maintenance and Support Service contracts are typically awarded on a multi-year basis; allowing time for transition to a revised operating model followed by a period of 'steady-'state delivery. Often though, the contract scope and scale alters over time through a combination of formal and informal 'tweaks' to the service delivery. While such changes can aggregate and make significant impact upon the efficiency of the contract delivery model, the individual effects are often overlooked or misjudged, leading in some instances to underperformance, relationship breakdown and reduced profitability. As changes are multiple over time, it is often difficult for the involved parties to pinpoint where any inefficiencies lie or indeed how to make improvements to service delivery.

This concept is often likened to the principle of 'boiling a frog', where changes to the trading environment go unnoticed by all stakeholders due to the small incremental fluctuations in operating conditions experienced.
Bid and proposal support for FM
CSS can help to identify contract inefficiencies by establishing a service delivery baseline and then monitoring performance against it. Using concepts such as Lean Thinking and Six Sigma tailored to work specifically with service contracts, we can often highlight where improvements can be made, recommend structural changes or identify alternative delivery models through some informed thinking. Our goal is always to identify service improvements that help to provide more efficient working, cost reductions and enhanced stakeholder relationships. Whether you are a Client, a Supplier, a Building Occupier or other Stakeholder, drop us a note now to find out how we can support positive changes within your service delivery contracts.
Where we can help you
At CSS, our primary focus is to build upon the strengths of your business to develop a customer orientated solution that is fully compliant, recognises the customer challenges and provides innovative operational approaches at the right price. To accomplish this we combine elements of bid management with a unique integrative approach that rapidly identifies win probabilities, competitive advantages and customer needs.
Within many facilities management contracts there is a need to produce a dedicated customer portal to support end-user engagement and interaction. Many of these portals are limited in functionality and require continual input from an offsite design team to maintain. Sometimes, the portal is automatically generated as a component of the embedded CAFM or IWMS system. As a result, usability and functionality are limited. At CSS we can develop and design a contract portal for you rapidly, providing you with an end-user focused site that is secure, easily updated by your contract teams and functional.
All organisations have embedded skillets and capability that are focused on the optimal delivery of services to the customer, occupiers and end-users. At times though, contract teams are fully engaged in normal service delivery and lack the time and headroom to fully appraise all aspects of their performance. At CSS, we provide you with the support you need, wether through adhoc audits or the development of tools and frameworks that can be implemented to continually improve performance. Our priority at all times is not to increase workload for your contract teams, but instead to provide new ways that performance can be identified and amended effectively.
Facilities produce huge amounts of data on a continuous basis. As systems become more complex and time more precious, there is a need to better manage the flow of information to easily produce a near-instantaneous measure of the performance of your assets. At CSS we have developed facility specific dashboards and analytical tools that help you to aggregate performance data and consolidate it into concise reports that are easy to digest and focus your attention on the areas that matter.
In many organisations, proposals are generated from previous submissions or templates that have been developed to make it easier to submit information to customers easily. While these approaches may have been successful in the past, the tools and techniques adopted by your competition may mean that your proposals no longer communicate your strengths and advantages as clearly as they could. At CSS we can help you review your proposals, either on an individual submission basis or as a business-wide approach. From bid and proposal libraries through to document designs and templates, we can work with your existing teams to maximise their output and enhance their win statistics.
Contracts are often awarded over a number of years. While they may offer a fresh approach from the outset, they can quickly become outdated or less comparable to current market offerings. At CSS we can help you to implement innovation frameworks that routinely capture ideas and improvements from all stakeholders, and help you to progress them through a defined governance process that determines their viability and value.
Change is a routine part of facilities management and support services. From contract award and mobilisation through to improvement activities, a structured approach to change is essential to maintain momentum and to secure the support of stakeholders. At CSS we have developed change and mobilisation frameworks that can help you to manage your projects and initiatives successfully. We also have skilled change managers that can work with you to implement these frameworks to meet your timescales, budgets and resource availability.
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